• AIR KNIFE / Air Knives is one such tool which has made difference in many fields and constantly finding new applications. AIR KNIFE SYSTEM is a non contact method of removing unwanted surface liquid, moisture, dirt, coatings, contamination, debris, heat, static charge etc during manufacturing process of predominantly conveyed (moving) articles or parts.Air Knife, Air Knife / Air Knives System, Air Knife Drying System, Air Knife Cleaning System, Air knife Cooling System, Air Knife for Coating Control Applications, Air Knife Blow Off System, Air Knives System, Air Blade for Drying, Air Knife System for Antistatic Applications, Sheet Drying System
    Some of Air Knife Applications

    Beverage & Bottling Applications

    1. Aluminum & Tin Cans
    2. Jars & PET Bottles
    3. Cleaning / Drying of Pouches
    4. Glass Bottles
    5. Crates & Trays
    6. Bottles & Cans Drying System

    Food Applications

    1. Meat, Poultry, Fish, Cheese, Frozen Foods
    2. Food Molds
    3. Crates, Trays & Conveyor Belts
    4. Vegetables and Produce Drying/Cleaning
    5. Candy and Confectionary
    6. Food Packaging Applications
    7. Conveyor Belts
    8. Aluminum & Tin Cans
    9. Jars & PET Bottles
    10. Food / Vegetables Cleaning & Drying System
    11. Others

    Pharmaceutical Industry Applications

    1. Many Applications

    Electronic Industry Applications

    1. Precision Parts Drying (Cleaning Room/HEPA)
    2. Critical Components (100% Dry)
    3. Conveying Applications

    Engineering and Related Industries Applications

    1. Parts Drying Industrial (Part Cleaning Systems)
    2. Blow-Off
    3. Cables / Extrusion profiles of Rubber Drying System
    3. Metal Drying System
    4. Plastic Drying System
    5. Wires Drying System
    6. Strands Drying System
    7. Parts Cleaning & Drying Systems

    Many Other Interesting Applications


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Advantages of Raico Air Knife System

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