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Air Knife

For a good performance, Air Knife profile should be designed to create least turbulence and provide uninterrupted and controlled laminar flow. This stability will guarantee minimum surrounding air excitation on downstream leg and narrow pattern on the upstream end. This also ensures maximum efficiency at reduced pressures and therefore reduced energy costs.

Air Knife profile should be sturdy and treated to withstand working conditions.
In many Air Knife designs some of these features are not provided.
RAICO AIR KNIFE design includes all these features.
Our Air Knife features a protruding leading edge design that directs the air flow out of the knife, in a straight air stream which is much more effective.
Further, because of one edge protruding than the other one, which creates condition known as COANDA effect, due to which surrounding ambient air is drawn in, to increase the effective air volume.
The result is high volume constant and well defined air stream, along the entire length of air knife, producing better performance.
In addition protruding leading edge provides a better visual guide for positioning the air stream for best and effective results.


It is most important to design mountings, which gives maximum flexibility to be able to mount in most difficult locations.
It is equally important to be able to adjust Air Knife on location so that air flow is precisely directed at the surface to be cleaned/dried/cooled.
Also these mountings needs to be sturdy and made from materials, such as S.S. so as to withstand working conditions.
Unfortunately, some manufacturers do not attach importance to all of these details, creating situations, where the user has to do with lot of improvising or make do with lesser efficiency, more maintenance etc.
RAICO AIR KNIFE SYSTEM has unique mounting system called INFINITE POSITIONS MOUNTING SYSTEM (IPMS), which facilitates mounting of Air Knife in almost any conceivable position.
Plus this is a modular add-on system, which will allow infinite positions, and multiple knifes/ nozzles on the same system within compact space with ease.
MOC is 304 S S.
No special skills or tools are required to erect this system.

Sound Level

Operating sound level for High Speed CENTRIFUGAL BLOWERS is high due to open suction, and high operating speed of impeller.
To reduce this high level of sound, Acoustic enclosures are provided for such blowers.
The RING BLOWER has built in Silencers on inlet as well as outlet, which reduces noise levels at suction and discharge points.
Also these RING BLOWERS run at much slower operating speed.
This dampens the sound level between 55-75 db.
This is very much within accepted sound levels, thus eliminating the need for separate acoustic enclosure.