Superior Technology For Most Effective-Efficient-Energy
    Saving Solutions For Drying-Cleaning-Blow
    OFF -Wiping-Many more Applications.


  • Blow off / Cleaning of Parts
  • Blow off / cleaning of oil from Parts
  • Blow off of excess oil from food products
  • Blow off of Onion Skins
  • Blow off of Bread crumbs from moulds
  • Blow off of extra seeds from Bread
  • Blow off of extra Debris / fibres from sweet corn
  • Blow off of release agents from confectionary
  • Blow off of release agents from rubber belts/extrusion
  • Blow off of loose fibres from textile
  • Shrink Packaging
  • Impregnation of surface
  • Floating light products such as granules / capsules etc while conveying
  • Coating control of Adhesive
  • Coating control of wax on film
  • Coating control of chocolate layer on ice cream
  • Coating control of POP on Plaster Board
  • Coating control of ice surface
  • Static removal with ionized air before painting /packing
  • Air curtain for surface protection
  • Separating/Sorting different weight products
  • Cooling of PCB/ Batteries
  • Cooling of Parts
  • Air curtain/Barrier to contain unwanted foreign particles
  • Surface Protection of lens against foreign Particle impeachment

This list of application continues to grow and there will an application for which you may find AIR KNIFE SYSTEM most cost effective and convenient solution.