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Engineering and Other Applications

Food and Beverage Applications

Drying of Bottles Neck for Ink Jet Coding

In a Beverage Bottling Filling Plant with Production speed up to 600 BPM, neck area of bottle needed tobe dried properly, so that permanent and clear ink jet coding can be done Existing System with compressed air was not meeting the quality standards, nor it was energy efficienthencealternative was sought.

System consisted of 4” Compressed Air Assisted Air Knife with Air preparation unit & dedicated compressor of 10kw. Mounting & piping accessories completed the system.
System consisted of 4” long Ring Blower Assisted Air Knife with Ring Blower of 0.55kw.  Mounting & piping accessories completed the system.
Elaborate Pre-Filters and dryer were installed to remove moisture & oil emission from compressor
Suction Filter for Blower was provided.
Air Wipe Compressor Filter Drying  Rs. 12,000/- + Rs. 50,000/- +
Rs. 8,000/- = Rs.70,000/-
Rs. 60,000/-
10 kw x 24 Hr x 365 days x Rs 7/- per kw Hr = Rs. 6,13,200/-
0.55 kw x 24 Hr x 365 days x Rs 7/- per kw Hr = Rs. 33,726/-
After the introduction of Ring Blower assisted Air Knife, bottles were “drier” than earlier resulting in smudge free and permanent imprints. This resulted in smooth and un interrupted production schedules, with no downtime because of this issue
Rs. 6,13,200/-  -  Rs. 33,726/-  = Rs. 5,79,474/-
Although there were benefits due to better production schedules without downtime, cost saving can not be quantified 
Total cost of New System costing is recovered within 30 days of working. Further usage results in tremendous  energy saving for years to come

Drying of Beverage Cans

Beverage cans on a production line are too wet to label/code printing satisfactorily. Surface moisture ruins the appearance of the label / printed code and affects the adhesion onto the can. It also affects the cardboard boxes into which they are packed. Further water trapped under tabs, would encourage the growth of bacteria.

Ring Blower assisted air knife fitted on either side of the conveyor belt, strips the water from the cans. Additional air knifes / nozzles placed on top side, effectively removes water underneath the tabs.

Bottle Drying for Labeling

Particularly to meet the standards expected as per today’s norm, high quality product presentation is essential. A major element of this is product labeling, and efficient bottle drying is a number one requirement if this is to be achieved and maintained, especially for clear transparent labels to avoid both slippage and milky appearance.

The user has tried various drying techniques based upon compressed air, both proprietary and in-house engineered solutions. None, however, attained the standard sought - until recently.

User finally decided to install a ring blower assisted air knife. The installed air knife system comprises a pair of air knives located on opposite sides of the bottlesand a ring blower. With the air knives pitched at the correct angle and located at close proximity to the line, this configuration finally satisfies the bottle drying standards wanted.

Drying of Potatoes

Modern day supermarkets require quality product packaging for perishable goods, which is delivered very quickly on their shelves.

Huge demand of Potatoes, need a very swift and efficient and economical cleaning and packaging solution. Ring Blower assisted Air Knife is just right for this application, as it can provide complete drying of Washed Potatoes at minimal cost, and speed which cannot be matched by any other means

Cleaning and Drying of Fresh Produce

Washing, drying, packaging and supplying fresh produce to retailing outlets requires a very swift and efficient operation. Blower assisted Air Knife system is just the tool which would fit the application.

Easy to operate and maintain system, unfailingly meets the required “in-time” deliveries, with unmatched cost effectiveness.

Previous manual cleaning and packaging, fails on all accounts, when compared to this Air Knife System.

Drying of Fresh Produce

Fresh produce need to be dried before they are packaged to prevent moisture build up, as this could cause fungal growth, sogginess to the food produce, poor aesthetics etc.

Ring Blower assisted Air Knifes can be used to dry fresh produce such as potatoes, olives, cherries, leafy vegetables, green vegetables and many more.

Drying and Cleaning of Conveyors for Food

Conveyors in a food factory need to washed and cleaned and dried after each production run. Cleaning before washing reduces washing load.

Washing is done with high pressure water through nozzles.

If quick and effective drying is not employed, drying with natural evaporation takes many hours resulting in production loss.

Ring Blower assisted Air knifes mounted above the conveyor, blow debris and the water out of the conveyor, in a much shorter time, allowing production to continue quickly.

Cleaning a Green Pea Sizing and Sorting Screen

Sizing and sorting of green peas, requires green peas to pass over various grades of screens.

During this process, some green peas get stuck in the screen holes, resulting in blocked screen, reducing the processing capacity.

Continuous blowing of high velocity air stream from Ring Blower assisted Air Knife, removes these green peas, keeping the screen, clear of blockages.

Cooling of Chocolate Lining Paper

Special type of paper is used in chocolate box lining, had to be cooled and dried after printing and prior to storage on a roll.

As it is a very delicate material, this has to be achieved without damage to the product.

Ring Blower assisted Air Knife mounted across the width of lining material prior to roll, provided solution to cool and dry the paper.

Adjustment of the air flow and pressure and placement of Air Knife at required distance, allows the right result to be achieved without causing damage to the paper.

Removing Excess Coatings from Food Products

Many food products require coatings, which are poured over the products such as batter for fish fingers, chocolate for ice cream or seeds on top of burger buns. After pouring of the coating, excess needs to be removed to produce the correct appearance and taste.

In addition, coating needs to be spread evenly over the surface.

Removal excess coating means cost savings of costly raw materials.

Ring Blower assisted air knife mounted over the top of the conveyor is adjusted to give the correct thickness and appearance of product.

The excess material which has been removed can be collected and recycled.

Drying of Frozen Food

Frozen foods need to be dried before packaging, because products such as peas are wet prior to freezing. This causes the peas to clump together when they are frozen. The water also causes problems by icing the conveyor belt up.

Ring Blower assisted Air Knifes can be used to dry in such drying applications. Such Air Knife system can also be used to dry frozen vegetables, frozen potatoes and frozen fruits.