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How Air Knife Works ?

AIR KNIFE SYSTEM is a non contact method of removing unwanted surface liquid, moisture, dirt, coatings, contamination, debris, heat, static charge etc during manufacturing process of predominantly conveyed (moving) articles or parts.

AIR KNIFE SYSTEM powered by low pressure air from blower devices a continuous LAMINAR SHEET / STREAM / CURTAIN of precisely controlled HIGH VELOCITY AIR. This SHEET / STREAM / CURTAIN OF HIGH VELOCITY AIR push the liquid from the surface of the article / product and residual moisture is shattered from the article / product. This mist is carried away by continuous stream of air.

This SHEET/ STREAM / CURTAIN OF HIGH VELOCITY AIR also blows away debris, clean surfaces, dissipates heat, spreads / dries coatings, takes away static charges, protects surface etc.

In certain applications where longer / deeper reach of HIGH VELOCITY AIR is required NOZZLES could also be used. Drying with LOW PRESSURE AIR KNIFE SYSTEMS has been known to CUT COSTS by 80% compared with THERMAL DRYING AND COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEMS.