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Some designs of Blower assisted Air Knife Systems use HIGH SPEED CENTRIFUGAL BLOWERS. Normally CENTRIFUGAL BLOWERS are meant for high volume and very low pressure air deliveries.

However, in order to get higher pressures, these CENTRIFUGAL BLOWERS are run at very high speeds, normally this speed range between 10,000 rpm to 15,000 rpm, but sometimes as high as 24,000 rpm.

For proper running of such HIGH SPEED CENTRIFUGAL BLOWERS, following requirements must be observed

  • Special type of costly ceramic angular contact ball bearings must be used.
  • Precisely done dynamic balancing of rotating components such as impeller, pulley and other rotating parts must be done.
  • Special types of belts (similar to timing belt) must be used.
  • Sturdy and well levelled and anchored mounting must be done.
  • Special grease/oil to suit high rotating speeds must be used.

If such care is not taken, bearings and belts heat up, and wear out very fast. This results in costly replacements and costly and time consuming downtimes. Unfortunately many manufacturers, do not adhere to above design requirements, to save the costs.

See following presentation for easy understanding.
RAICO AIR KNIFE SYSTEMS, use costly imported RING BLOWERS which run at slower speed of 2850 RPM and are mostly trouble free for long and continuous running periods (approx. 40,000 running Hrs).

When requiring maintenance of RING BLOWERS, only standard grease packed double sealed bearings are required, which are available easily and are very economically priced.

Oil seals used for sealing impeller shaft of RING BLOWERS, are standard and available anywhere.